Mud Treatment

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01/08/16 To 15/08/16

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Akhtala, Kakheti

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100 $ / Person

Sanatorium Akhtala – The mud cure resort is 122 km. from Tbilisi in the city Gurjaani, about 412 m. above sea level, with temperate climate, continental: the summer is hot and the winter is warm, average number of sediment – 700 mm. The treatment factor of this resort is pseudo-volcano mud used for bath, application and tampons. There are adults and children sanatoriums, policlinic, and bathes (for mud treatment): chronic diseases of motion organs, peripheral nervous system and gynecological diseases. The season is in April-December. The first data on the healing properties of Akhtala mud appeared in 40th years of the 19th century. When the doctor Saakova and Lisitseva sent the first patients to the recommended treatment Akhtala and were very happy with the result, first hospital was opened in 1862.

Chemical content of the mud – Mud of Akhtala contains three components:

  • Mineral water with mineral content 45-95%
  • Crystal mixture
  • Colloidal particles

Sanatorium Akhtala is unique in the world with mud treatment that offers the best service and high quality treatment effect. Mud has been used successfully to treat the following diseases:

  • Diseases of osteoarticular system: arthritis and polyarthritis: saline rheumatoid nodules, specific and nonspecific. Spinal diseases – spondylosis in period of sprains formation and fractures.
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: sciatica, flexion, sciatica – ishiaz. Polio sequelae, paresis caused by cerebral palsy (CP).
  • Diseases of the female genitals that caused the futility: chronic inflammation of the uterus and appendages, their underdevelopment and loss of function; adhesions in the pelvic cavity. Obstruction or lower patency of fallopian tube.



Sanatorium Akhtala

Lopota Lake

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  •  79, Chubinashvili str. 0112, Tbilisi, Georgia

  •  +995 322 99 64 62 / Mob: +995595 64 69 59

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